Indie developer Hothead Games today has announced the release of their first game for Android devices, the popular underwater treasure game, Sea Stars.

Colorful graphics and responsive one-touch controls make Sea Stars an ideal pick-up-and-play mobile game, and the infinite gameplay is super-addictive. Download it from the Android Market for free now.

Touch the screen to dive down in ocean worlds and release to jump above water. Navigate uncharted waters to collect coins and avoid dangerous obstacles like jellies, crab rockets, ice floes, and spiny urchins. For help, Sea Buddies like Dr. Scuttles, Storval the Whale and others are on deck, using their unique abilities to aid you achieve greater and greater distances.


Swim and master each Sea Star swimmer, from Dante the Dolphin to Niji the Narwhal to Cthathy-Loo the Great One, and unlock additional worlds to play in, like Polar Plunge and Twinkling Tides.

The game is also localized for Chinese, Korean and Swedish users.

Get ready to collect the characters and travel through infinite uncharted waters with the Sea Stars!

Pick up Sea Stars on the Android Market for FREE here


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