The Original Farming Simulation, Harvest Moon, Comes To Android Devices For The First Time

Burlingame, CA. – April 19, 2016 - After a successful launch on the Apple App Store earlier this year, Natsume Inc. is proud to bring their latest game, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, to Google Play Store today. Available for $9.99, the game is the first-ever full Harvest Moon experience to be available to Android users.

The game can be found HERE

"Since we announced Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, Android fans have been frantic to get in on the fun!" said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume. "Now, Android users can finally play the first Harvest Moon game ever available for Android, and players can grow crops, cook, fish, forage and mine to their hearts content!"

In Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, fans will enjoy the return of cows, sheep, and chickens to help their farm, horses to ride, and dogs to raise as pets. New to the game is the bobcat, a wild animal that, over time, players can befriend and make into their loyal pet!

Key Features in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories:

  • Grow a variety of crops, flowers, and trees! See if you can discover new kinds of mutations!
  • Raise livestock like cows, sheep, and chickens!
  • Take your horse for a jaunt around town!
  • Take care of pets like your trusty dog!
  • With 10 marriageable candidates -- 5 guys and 5 gals -- everyone will be able to find that special someone they're looking for!
  • Upgrade your tools to find the highest-quality items!
  • Participate in contests and festivals like the Cooking Contest and Starry Night Festival!
  • Excavate rare ore and crafting materials in the mine. How far can you go? 

Players can follow the latest news for all of the beloved Natsume franchises at and by scooping all of the latest Natsume updates, contests, screen shots and more at and

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