KONAMI Brings Back Popular Videogame Based on Animated Television Series to Nintendo DS™ Handheld Systems



EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Nov 15, 2011 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced BEYBLADE: Metal Masters is now available for the Nintendo DS™ handheld system. Based on the hugely popular boys action TV series from Nelvana and d-rights Inc., and a wide range of Beyblade toys, BEYBLADE: Metal Masters makes its return on the Nintendo DS™ platform with over 35 different characters from the animated series.  In BEYBLADE: Metal Masters, players can customize their own Beyblade tops as they battle it out with characters from the series in a last-man standing competition in the battle arena. By timing their attacks, players must keep their Beyblade top spinning while bringing their opponent’s Beyblade top to a complete stop. Offering many tactical strategies straight from the series, key attacks from the TV show have been recreated, such as the powerful ‘Starbooster’ diving attack to smash into opposition units, and many more. Wireless ‘Battle Modes’ lets users challenge each other with spectacular finishing moves, making every competition in BEYBLADE: Metal Masters unique.  Along with the standalone game in North America, Konami is launching four exclusive collector’s editions of BEYBLADE: Metal Masters. Each collector’s edition includes a retail-specific Beyblade top from Hasbro, Inc., and codes to unlock that specific Beyblade top and its parts within the game. In total, BEYBLADE:  Metal Masters offers hundreds of enhancements to the user’s basic Beyblade top, while experience points are also accrued by equipping the Beyblade with BEY FORCE and winning competitions to further strengthen its properties. These powered-up units can then be used in a variety of multiplayer modes that complement the social elements of the toy series.  BEYBLADE:  Metal Masters is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and is available now for $34.99 for the collector’s edition and $29.99 for the standalone game on Nintendo DS™.




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