Battlestate Games, the creators of hardcore online shooter Escape from Tarkov, is on the brink of hitting its Alpha milestone. Today the team revealed the first in its ongoing series of developer diaries, this one providing insight into the procedural animation and character animation system including behind-the-scenes mo-cap views. The video features numerous elements of the weapon handling -- shooting, misfiring, and several other components unique to the online game.


New Arms Dealer and Much More Coming February 11

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - January 28, 2016 - Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher are pleased to unveil details about the highly anticipated 0.13 update of Armored Warfare launching on February 11. Rising new arms dealer Zhang Feng and his roster of dangerous vehicles will then become available for all tank Commanders. Not only will players be able to interact with Feng’s arsenal of tanks, but they can also access a new competitive gameplay map, changes to Player versus Player matchmaking, and a complete rework of the rewards for the popular Player versus Environment.

Eve and Chung get New Skill Trees, Attack Combo Commands and More

Irvine, Calif., January 27, 2016 - KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announced Elsword's next installment of their Season Two update series has launched with the all-new Royals series! See the all-new Eve and Chung video.

Elsword's Episodic Season 2 Update Series Continues With The New Magician and Mercenary

Aisha and Raven get new English Voiceovers, New Skill Tree, Attack Combo Commands and More

Irvine, Calif., January 13, 2016 - KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announced Elsword's Season Two update has launched all-new Magician and Mercenary, plus all new, star-studded English voiceovers for Aisha, Raven, the entire NPC cast and more! See the all-new Aisha and Raven video. 

Battlestate Games has announced the launch of sales for pre-order bundles of Escape from Tarkov, their upcoming online game. There are four different sets available for pre-order. All of them give access to the copy of the game itself with guaranteed access to closed beta and improved equipment at the start.

November 18, 2015--Battlestate Games studio disclosed the first details and screen shots of Escape from Tarkov, the hardcore online game set in a Russian setting.

Events take place in the fictitious Norvinsk oblast (province), a special economic zone created as a transitional area between Russia and Europe. Great business conditions for big international companies attracted not only law-abiding firms, but corporations with shady dealings. Two years ago, Tarkov, the biggest city in the province, became a scene for a scandal caused by a transatlantic company. Six months later a political struggle escalated into armed conflict between UN peacemakers, the Russian military and two private military companies. Borders of the province were closed and those who ended up in the middle of a local war were separated from the outer world.

With less than three weeks left before the Closed Beta of the cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive shares a new video showcasing one of the latests features in the game - hirable resource gatherers called “Labourers”:

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