The Super Nintendo Anthology:
Kickstarter Launch!

Following the success of the N64 Anthology and the GameCube Anthology, Geeks-Line is proud to present the Super Nintendo Anthology: Two volumes (Hardware & Software) 100% dedicated to Nintendo's 16-bit console. Over 620 pages of pure pleasure! 

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On November 21, 1990, the Super Nintendo was officially introduced to the Japanese public as the Super Famicom. A date that would forever be engraved in the hearts and souls of gamers worldwide. Following in the footsteps of the NES, whose universal success had definitively shaped the fate of the gaming industry, the Super Nintendo was a technological masterpiece, teeming with power and potential, and that still fascinates us to this very day. 

Across more than 620 pages richly illustrated with documents from the period, the two Super Nintendo Anthology volumes (Software and Hardware) recount the life story of the Kyoto-based giant's wondrous 16-bit console and delve deep into its huge international games library. A work of reference.




Table of contents (“Ultimate” Edition):

Software Edition

  • The Complete Official Games Library (1724 games)
  • All Games in Alphabetical Order
  • The Box Art of each Game
  • Alternative Game Titles by Region  
  • 'After-Market' Games
  • Canceled Games 

Hardware Edition

  • The SNES Epic
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Man behind the Machine
  • A New Revolution Is Afoot
  • Rise of the 16-bit Machines
  • Observe – Create – Play
  • War on the Horizon
  • The First Announcement
  • The Japanese Launch
  • The American Launch
  • The European Launch
  • The View from the Top
  • A New Era
  • Swansong and Beyond
  • Secrets of the Hardware 
  • Accessories (Official and Unofficial)
  • Interviews with People Who Made History
  • Developers’ Words
  • Collectible Treasures
  • Bundles & Collectors' Editions from around the World 

Back the Kickstarter project now: goo.gl/14vmes


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