Obsidian Entertainment has released new details for Skyforge, the sci-fi fantasy MMORPG, today highlight how “Adepts” work in the game in a new blog post. Players are gods that grow in power by attracting followers that worship them which include Adepts who are special followers that serve as champions that carry out the player’s will by completing special missions.

Certain Adepts are better suited for specific missions. For example, any adept can curb an epidemic outbreak, but an adept with a profession as a healer has a higher chance of succeeding. Adepts can increase in level by successfully completing missions and can earn players valuable rewards, including gifts and more followers.

The eight professions of an Adept include:

    Engineer – a technical genius
    Templar – a guardian for the order
    Sorcerer – a preserver of old rituals, ancient runes and traditions
    Mystic – a master in all things “magic”
    Preacher– an evangelist for your order
    Healer – a capable physician
    Envoy – a diplomatic representative
    Agent – a paranormal investigator

For more information about how Adepts work in Skyforge please visit the official Skyforge Blog at: http://sf.my.com/us/news/announcements/adepts-making-most-them

Players wanting to inspire loyal followers early can sign up for the upcoming Skyforge closed beta via: www.skyforge.com


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