March 28, 2017--Following last week's monster update, Digital Extremes, creators of the cooperative online action hit, Warframe®, revealed today the PC update, Octavia's Anthem, broke a new record on Steam with 69,526 peak concurrent players over the weekend. The Saturday-Sunday, March 25-26 weekend also marked Warframe's four-year anniversary and its 20th consecutive record-breaking major update. Boasting more than 30 million registered users worldwide since its launch in March 2013, Warframe broke into the top three most played games on Steam (Top Games By Current Players category) during the same weekend.

Octavia's Anthem (PC) has Warframe players journeying through an original, lore-driven quest in search of the musically enchanted Octavia Warframe. During the peak weekend, Tenno dug into the update, featuring a new quest, and explored the musical powers of the new Octavia Warframe, composed hundreds of new songs using the MandaChord musical instrument, and basked in the beauty of the new photo capture tool, Captura.

The Octavia Warframe introduces a simple-to-use musical instrument that enables players to compose original songs and synchronize them to their weapons to rhythmically dominate the enemy. Music isn't just a tool of destruction in this update -- players can create musical arrangements in cooperation with other Tenno and trade songs.


Please visit the official Warframe website at www.warframe.com to join the community and download the game. To keep up with the latest updates from the development team, be sure to follow Warframe on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram..

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