Chrono Cross was a game developed by the “Dream Team” at Squaresoft (who is now Square Enix). The project was managed by several notable figures like Director Masato Kato, Artists Yasuyuki Honne and Nobuteru Yuki, Designer Hiromichi Tanaka and famed composer Yasunori Mitsuda.


Final Fantasy Dissidia for the Sony PSP was Square Enix’s love letter to its fans who eagerly wanted to assume the role of a Final Fantasy hero or villain in a game that features the ageless fight between good and evil. Released in 2009, the game was met with generally favourable reviews and after a short wait, Square Enix has now returned with its anticipated sequel: Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy.

Ar Tonelico has been a series that featured beautiful character designs, an intricate battle system and stellar soundtrack that was truly unique for an RPG that made its entry on the Playstation 2 system.

Final Fantasy III is an old school Final Fantasy game that was never released outside of Japan until Square Enix announced its release on the Nintendo DS in 2006. Fast forward to 2011, Square Enix is giving fans another chance to experience the classic title this time around on the Apple iPod Touch/iPhone.

Final Fantasy is a series that requires no introduction in the RPG genre. With all the hype surrounding the upcoming titles in the FF series, such as FFXIII Versus and FFXIII Agito, it has left a lingering thought that Square Enix has moved on from the series’ old school roots of the battle system and gameplay. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light pays homage to the earlier FF games that were big during the 8-bit and 16-bit heyday.

Dragon Quest IX has kept its fans waiting for quite some time. After the success of Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2, fans eagerly awaited news of the series’ next instalment for years. Square Enix had released a bombshell and shocked many diehard fans with news that the game would not be developed for a next generation console as expected, but for Nintendo’s handheld device. Reactions were fairly mixed with some fans crying foul while others had decided to reserve judgement. Dragon Quest IX has finally arrived on North American shores as Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.


Nier is Square Enix’s latest efforts at producing a game that isn’t called Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

Final Fantasy. The RPG series known to millions of gamers worldwide for its long-standing legacy of intricate characters, exceptional storytelling, engaging battle systems and spectacular visuals. Veterans, casual players and many others that do not pursue gaming as a hobby still recognize the name with little to no hesitation. Since the series’ last instalment, Final Fantasy XIII has kept fans eagerly awaiting its release on both the next-gen consoles for the last couple years. Although it is no longer a PlayStation 3 exclusive as originally announced, the game has finally reached North American shores and it certainly was worth the wait.

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