Ring of Fates was Square Enix’s follow-up to their Gamecube title: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. After receiving fairly good reviews, Square has returned to tweak the multiplayer features with a greater emphasis on combat in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Though the gameplay is similar, the ability to play with your friends over a Wi-Fi connection on both the DS and Wii versions is a welcome addition to the series. Echoes of Time combines the best of Ring of Fates and its Crystal Chronicles Gamecube brethren into a fun, light-hearted RPG for both casual and experienced players.

Gears of War was quite the blockbuster when it first arrived on Xbox 360. The game offered solid controls, great visuals, intuitive third person camera and chainsaws. Though the plot wasn’t the main focus, Gears effectively brought us the memorable, wisecracking Delta squad members: Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird. Fast forward to Gears 2 – the game takes everything that made the original Gears a solid shooter and takes it a step further on the epic scale. To quote Epic Lead Designer, Cliff Bleszinski, Gears of War 2 is definitely “bigger, better and more badass.”


We’ve got a problem. It’s been awhile since we’ve played any new GTA games and we still got several months to go until GTA 4 hits retail. And it just so happens; Crackdown is the prefect solution to this problem… somewhat.



In the DS handheld market, the landscape is full of competitors that have challenged but failed to topple the vastly successful Pokemon series.  Enter developer Jupiter Corp with Spectrobes, the handheld title on DS, published by Disney Interactive Studios, that fights to share the limelight against the Pokemon giant in the market.

Adventure games have become a thing of the past, and despite efforts of many, it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.  Luckily, lately adventure games have been a bit more prevalent.  We may not have them in abundance as we did with games like Curse of Monkey Isle, Day of the Tentacle, or Grim Fandango, but lately we have received games in the form of Myst IV, Indigo Prophecy, and now Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.  So the big question: is Dreamfall the game that adventure gamers have been waiting for, or are we all better off waiting for the upcoming Sam and Max Sequel?


Nine times out of ten when a new game is released with a lot of hype behind it. It turns out to be a let down in two or more areas. And while it is true, that I just pulled that number out of my ass, (I really don’t know how often that happens other than it does,) Halo 3 does fall under this rule, yet it’s still a fun game.

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