Nine times out of ten when a new game is released with a lot of hype behind it. It turns out to be a let down in two or more areas. And while it is true, that I just pulled that number out of my ass, (I really don’t know how often that happens other than it does,) Halo 3 does fall under this rule, yet it’s still a fun game.

In a nut shell, Halo 3 is not all that different from the previous titles, marginally better both visually and gameplay wise but that’s about it. Even the adjustments to the controls weren’t all that much of a change took me about 5 minutes really to get used to them. Opposed to the hour Microsoft claimed it will take, keeping in mind that I haven’t played Halo 2 in over a year, but that’s okay, after all if it aint broke, don’t fix it as the old saying goes. The basic controls remain the same but the L and R Bumper buttons are now used for reloading left or right equipped weapons. The LB can also be used to swap to another left weapon while the RB can also be used to as an action button. The X button is now used to activate equipment such as the Bubble Shied, Trip Mine, Grav Lift or Energy Drain.

In an attempt to fix multiplayer, which Bungie admitted that they did a bad job with for Halo 2, they broke single player. Halo 3 single-player is short, too short considering we’re supposed to be finishing the fight and all. Took me exactly two days to finish the whole game on normal mode, and I wasn’t playing this hardcore, it’s just that short. Some may argue that I should have had it on a harder setting, but to be honest that wouldn’t have changed the fact that it is short. I just would be repeating the same missions over and over due to getting killed repeatedly by over-powered enemies. Now that I mention it, I did spend some parts of the single player mode on normal doing just that, so the game is challenging, just not long enough to justify all the hype.

As I hinted earlier, it’s likely due to the fact that Bungie spent most of their time working on the multiplayer side of this, and why not? After everyone has finished the game it’s only multiplayer that they’ll be doing for the most part. Unfortunately this is where single player fans and people slave to 56k modems get screwed.

But enough about the rant regarding the lackluster single-player mode, new weapons and features are featured in this such as the Assault Rifle, Brute Spiker, Spike Grenades, Spartan Laser, Machinegun turrets and Missile Pods. That’s right, you can rip Machinegun turrets and Missile Pods right off from where they were mounted and walk around gunning people down with them. The catch is you can only do just that, walk; the turrets are heavy even for a Spartan, so your movement speed will take a hit as long as you have it equipped. In addition to that, the Needler and Brute Shot have been modified for more destructive force.

Halo 3 also features new tools and vehicles such as the Mongoose, an ATV that can transport up to two people across the map at high speeds. Unlike the Warthog this vehicle has no weapons mounted onto it. However the person sitting in the back has the option of firing their gun. The Mongoose won’t protect you from a barrage of grenades thrown in your general direction, however the Bubble Shield will. When the shield is up you will be fully protected from all shots fired at you, the only catch is this shield works both ways. You can’t shoot at anything standing outside of the shield… unless they decide to walk inside of it to join you.

In the end, Halo 3 is decent it looks great; it’s fun and contains a great multiplayer mode. But as I said the single player mode is lacking and if that’s all you’re really interested in I highly suggest you just rent this and get it over with, but if you’re interested in multiplayer as well, which is likely most people then this is right up your ally.



Visuals: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Control: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value:  7/10
Impact Rating: 8/10
Overall Rating: 90%


BEST FEATURE – Finishing the fight

WORST FEATURE – Too short of a game

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