With the launch of Outplay Entertainment’s epic tower defense game Alien Creeps TD just a few days away, it’s time to meet Roxie – the pistol-packing engineer who will help rid Earth of the marauding alien invaders! Coming August 28 to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch everywhere, Alien Creeps TD brings a premium and deep tower defense experience at everyone’s favorite price – FREE!

Much like the previously revealed Flak and Skybolt, Roxie is a hero character who will provide a major boost to your abilities in this epic tower defense game that features more than 50 insane challenges to complete, 50 towers to upgrade and build, 60 adrenaline-pumping achievements to unlock, and three different campaign modes varying in difficulty.

Roxie will prove herself a valuable ally on the battlefield, as not only can her unique pistol ammo pierce through both the shield and skin of the enemy aliens, but she’ll also significantly increase the rate of fire of any tower with in her proximity.

She also has the ability to reduce alien attack damage, infrared goggles that enable you to see any cloaked and otherwise invisible alien creeps, the ability to deploy first aid kits that heal nearby units, and a powerful sniper shot that can exact heavy damage on an alien unit and slow it for 10 seconds.

Roxie, as well as the other heroes Flak and Skybolt, are necessary additions as players will need all the help they can get in taking down the evil alien onslaught. Each of the heroes feature distinctly different abilities and strengths that you’ll be able to call on to aid your fight against the alien creeps.

Alien Creeps TD is launching August 28 on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This new game offers a premium tower defense experience for FREE, and features dazzling graphics and electrifying gameplay.

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