David Lewis loves him some Sega Saturn, so much that he made a show about it! While slowly going though the system's gaming library and detailing the hidden gems to be found, he also hosts a racing game themed show called Davetona. Listen in on our conversation about the show's origins and more in this episode of GCC.


Max Radical is a new podcast that plays it fast and loose with the rules. Gaming news, discussions, arguments all happen here. Gaming knows no bounds, platforms or mediums. It's all about the games.

The inaugural episode of Max Radical starts off 2016 with special guest DJ Slope and myself talking about our favorite games of last year, because it's still relevant three months in! The good the mediocre, the just plain bad. It was a better year than 2014 for gaming, worthy sequels to great franchises, surprise cult hits, and Konami slowly dissolving it's main consumer base.

Game Culture Creators is an interview podcast series on Gaming Media that spotlights those in the gaming culture who have taken what they love about videogames and turned it into a career, be it in music, game commentary, parody videos, etc.

Gaming-Media will start a regular Podcast series, starting with the return to Gaming-Media.com of West Coast Contributor and Staff writer James Flynn. 

Stay tuned for James' first Podcast and many more to come. 

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