February 4, 2016 - Featuring the alt-Americana music of Chuck Ragan, the soundtrack for The Flame in the Flood is available today from Ten Four Records. An avid outdoorsman who composed much of the material while camping and drifting along waterways, Ragan's music becomes the perfect accompaniment to The Flame in the Flood's downriver journey through post-societal America.

“I spent quite a lot of time running out to the river, setting up camp to build a fire, write, fish, write more and repeat," Ragan says of the atypical writing process. "I also wanted to invite and include friends to be a part of it, playing, writing or singing anything they wanted to add. Cory Brannan, Jon Snodgrass, Adam Faucett and of course The Camaraderie are some of the very important collaborations on this recording that made the soundtrack it what it is."


From The Molasses Flood - a band of AAA refugees including the former Art Director of BioShock - The Flame in the Flood is an upcoming rogue-lite that challenges you to survive the rapids, outwit dangerous predators, and work with your canine companion to forage for supplies. The Flame in the Flood is currently available on Steam Early Access and coming to Xbox One.

"The Flame in the Flood is a collection of songs of survival,” Ragan explains. “Written from the perspective of a drifter, nomad and explorer, The Flame in the Flood will take you on a journey down that river in search of a safe haven. I feel so blessed to not only be a part of such a strong and active music community but to be able to share the stage, write with and learn from the people that I work with is such a healthy and revitalizing way to work.”

In a musical life that spans close to three decades, Chuck Ragan has consistently worn his heart on his sleeve and carved out a musical niche in the process. From his early days with post-hardcore trailblazers Hot Water Music, to his solo work and collaborations with artists including Todd Beene (Lucero), Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem), and David Hidalgo Jr. (Social Distortion), to name a few, Chuck has built a large and singularly powerful body of work.  Through four critically-hailed solo albums spanning nearly a decade and his raucous alt.country-styled jamboree, The Revival Tour, which has featured members of Alkaline Trio, The Loved Ones, Against Me!, and Frank Turner among others, Chuck’s deeply personal songwriting and camaraderie have won the loyalty of a fiercely devoted international fan base.

The Flame in the Flood soundtrack is available now via Ten Four Record. Tour dates can be found at Chuck Ragan's website, and you can follow him via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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