Counter-insurgency warfare. Strategy games reinvented

The critical success of Vietnam '65 quietly stormed the market last year. The game (81 on Metacritic) was a breath of fresh air, for a genre that failed to show sifgnicant innovation for a long time. Developed by indie studio Every Single Soldier, Vietnam '65 touched on a very delicate topic with a gameplay system that was both coherent and evocative. 

Today, we are proud to announce that Every Single Soldier is hard at work on Afghanistan '11. This is a game that takes the concept of counter-insurgency warfare to a whole new stage. Leveraging on a very solid game system, Afghanistan '11 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but adds a whole new political aspect to it.

Afghanistan ’11 isn’t a standard strategy game: winning is not just about eliminating the enemy on the battlefield, but about winning the Hearts & Minds of the locals by ensuring safety to villages, isolating and eliminating taliban leaders, training the Afghan army and building and protecting infrastructures.

Logistics and organization are extremely important as the Talibans, tribal militias and drug lords will attempt to twart efforts with sneaky ambushes and terroristic attacks – the enemy plays hide and seek and could be everywhere and only the most skilled strategists will manage to win the war in Afghanistan and help build a modern nation.

Get more info on Afghanistan '11 from its official product page


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